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Come to Malta!

Yup you heard it! The small island under Sicily! I know you won't get the biggest crowd but you'd make me, my friends and other Ozzy fans REALLY happy! If I knew I would ever to see you in real life, on stage doing what you do best after being a caring father and a lovely husband, I'd probably not sleep for days waiting for you! ROCK ON OZZY!


hi there my friends overseas.
just to let you Ozzy used to come to Toronto and do "bar gigs"
in the 1990's. so ya never know, he just might come see ya.
i hope so, on your behalf.

I join in and agree with Dewsa. Try to put Malta in your agenda for a concert - as for the crowd, yes it might not be the biggest, but then again it might be quite big especially in Summer when the island is a main tourist attraction. Hope you give it a thought.