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The New Blizzard/Diary Boxset

Ok, I can't believe nobody has made a proper topic of this yet. So here's my review.
We all got pretty hyped when we first saw that promo stuck in the standard release of the 2010 Scream album. Our first thoughts were "Wow finally". I have an interview with Ozzy dating back to the early Bark At The Moon era and early Ultimate Sin era which Ozzy at that time called Ultimate Sin "Killer of Giants" where Ozzy and Sharon talk about this very box set! It took that long yes. Anyway now that I've used the box set for awhile I might as well give my input.
The first thing I noticed about the box itself is the Randy Rhoads classic polka dot guitar design on the side of it. The next a grinning Ozzy holding a cross similar to cover of Blizzard of Ozz. When I opened the box set the 100 page photo book greeted me with the classic Ozzy logo on the front. The book itself is a real treat for die hard Ozzy fans eager to see some never before seen pictures. Below the photo book is a Ozzy poster. One side Ozzy jumping in the air with the Ozzy logo, the other side is a Diary of A Madman poster similar to the one I received at Record Store Day in which I also purchased the little "Flying High Again" 45. Moving along under the poster is the Blizzard of Ozz album, which I have a bit of a gripe with the packaging. First of all I bought a 1980 copy of Blizzard of Ozz at my local record store and the cover on that one is much more bright and vibrant compared to this new box set. However I will say that the sound quality on the new release is far superior to the old 1980 one. The new record is quite a bit heavier than the old one too. Inside the lp are two discs, Blizzard of Ozz, and the "Ozzy Live" disc which is also found in the Diary of A Madman Legacy Edition I purchased. The Blizzard of Ozz disc has two really stand out "new" tracks the first a 2010 mix of Goodbye to Romance featuring just Ozzy's vocal and Randy's guitar which really do make the track warmer than it's ever been. The last track is "RR" which obviously stands for Randy Rhoads. When I first heard this track it blew me away. It really does pack a punch and is definitely worth re-buying the Blizzard of Ozz album especially after the disaster that was the 2002 reissue. This Blizzard of Ozz disc also features "You Lookin at me, Lookin at you" which was on the 2002 release as well. The one problem everyone has with this disc is the absence of "You Said It All" I can easily say I have this problem as well. There was room for this disc to have this track on here, why was it left out? The only thing that makes this box set incomplete is the one missing track. Any way after the Blizzard album I found the Diary of A Madman lp under it. I I very little gripes with the packaging except for the fact that the paper holding the record is so ripable, I haven't damaged it yet but it's inevitable it will some day tear along with the Blizzard paper as well. In the sleeve of The Diary of A Madman record are the Diary of A Madman disc and the new 30 Years After The Blizzard DVD. The DVD is pretty great some real interesting stuff but if you're an old Ozz fan you've hear the stories a million times. The real gem here is Ozzy and Kevin Churko sitting in the studio reviewing old tapes and listening to them. Watching The Ozzman tear up while listening to Dee really gets me. The bonus feature some interviews of Ozz and old footage of Ozzy and Randy jamming out in concert, though it is really hard to sit through the footage of the concert due to the crappy quality. Almost not worth putting on a disc, I would've much more preferred the outtakes of the Documentary than it, ALMOST. Under the Diary album is replica Ozzy cross. I'm really impressed with this, really impressed it makes me feel as close to Ozz as I can get without seeing him live.
Blizzard of Ozz Record 10/10
Blizzard of Ozz CD 8/10 The absence of "You Said It All" really brought this one down.
Diary of A Madman Record 10/10
Diary of A Madman CD 8/10 With extras on Blizzard of Ozz why didn't this one get any? No "You Said It All" here either. Which makes me wonder if it will ever get a proper release.
30 Years After The Blizzard DVD 9/10 I do love this DVD, even though it is fully stocked I would have loved more interviews of Ozzy or Randy (any Randy interview seriously)
Box Set As A Whole 9/10 With the price you really can't go wrong.

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Bailey (15)


I have a cautionary NOTE!

A friend of mine on Skpe one Sunday morning persuaded me to open my first copy, as the swecond was on the was on the way.

30 days after ordering it, it has arrived, and the lovely UPS lady demands that I PAY VAT (value added tax) at £35.57.

I had already spent with LIVE NATION £120'ish on the box set, and £30 Post and Packaging! WHAT a mickey take.

In the original one the box set was wrapped in bubble wrap, this one had TWO pieces of brown paper!

At least I NOW have a MINT copy!

And Yep, it is BRILLIANT!