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And Ozzy4Eternity, I run a fanclub for Ozzy. I have loved him since 1975/6 when he was with Sabbath. This is not a question of being ungrateful, or not a 'real fan.'

it is a question of the ridiculous amount of time that has elapsed - there was a HUGE buildup about the movie stringing fans along - and then months later we still have no access to the film.

I suspect that there is hostility from the Bayd because of a simple thing. He was a member of the Ozzy!!!! page on Facebook, posting random things repeatedly on the site, and was asked several times to please stop. When that didn't solve the issue, and person to person arguments began - he was warned membership would be cut. I did not act rash, I gave long and very fair warning. Also, I kicked off another member from Canada for posting illegal download material on the site. I don't want to condone criminal activity, and I do believe Ozzy and Sony have the right to royalties for anything fans have access to if they took the time and money to produce it.

It was ironic how shortly after Bayd came here and began to post nasty grams on my threads. Whatever. I have been a member here for a long time now. I could care less what he thinks.

Malo may see life dramatically at 16, I see it pretty cut and dry. Fans were strung along for a long time. Now, we're left with no access to the movie - and yet, like I said, thousands of "Hollywood elite" have had the opportunity to see the movie.

It's just not right.