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The beauty of living where I live, it is ONLY 14 miles to 14 LODGE ROAD, ASTON, where OZZY grew up!

It is ALSO a Beauty of where I live, is that it is ONLY 7 miles to Birmingham City Centre, and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG). Appart from history, art, and the like, there is an exhibition that you have to pay to go in and see. I have NOW, been TWICE at £6 per visit. It is CALLED "Home of METAL". Just type in your search engine HOME OF METAL, to find out what is on offer. OK, I have taken the best part of 360 photos. Some have been repeated, BUT are much improved on the orginals that I took.

On my second visit, I took my camcorder, and DID NOT hide it. So I was stood at this display case, trying to get a good picture without the reflection of the over head lights, and me holding the phone hand set over the microphone. The back ground sound is of JUDAS PRIEST. SADLY, the sound of the DVD is drowned out. So we do not have, Tony Iommi's voice telling the interviewer about loosing the end of his fingers, and an interview with Judas Priest! Then a nice man on security told me that, I could take as many photos as I liked, BUT NO VIDEO! So on the way back around I sat down, and thought that, I recorded Ozzy giving an interview. As luck would have it, I managed NOT to be able to record this interview! So I WILL HAVE TO GO BACK again, with my dictaphone with telephone pick up microphone, and the camcorda for the Ozzy Interview. At least it is quieter where the DVD of the Interview is.

There are original art work for Speak + Talk of the Devil, back stage passes, plectrums, Concert T shirts, a practice area where you can dress up and play drums, guitar, etc. There are numerous Ozzy, Sabbath, Judas priest, napalm Death (not my scene), etal. There are original records, concert tickets, posters, etal.

It is ALSO the beauty of where I live, that another exhibition in the HOME of METAL, is at the Walsall Leather Museum. It proports to contain Leather Stage cloths belonging primarily JUDAS PRIEST! So Guess where I am going this weekend! There are some Leather stage wear items at the main HOME OF METAL exhibition at the BMAG.

The Best T shirt was agfed 5 - 7 so It will not fit, But it states that "Thou shalt Remember the Sabbath". So on my second visit, I bought the Baby Grow version. WELL, you never know I might just might become a father at some stage. Then again, if you can see my Face Book Page you can see ALL the photos of this exhibition, and the exploits of OZ BEAR around the world.

It is ALSO the beauty where I live, I can go and see the sights where OZZY and co grew up, and played. I have a link for Birchfield school, which shows a series of photos when Ozzy and Sharon visited the school. So try it in your search engine.

And finally my view of the book. You took the words right out of my mouth.