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If NON of YOU have typed "Home of Metal . com" into your search engine, then WHY NOT! It has some true metal heads that are not a sandwich short of a picnic like some groups and sites! Admittedly, most of the members of the facebook group "Home of Metal" are fron Britain/UK, but the more the merrier. Some may well learn something about the roots of Metal, Sabbath, Zepplin, Judas Priest, even Naplam Death get a mention (Not my cup of tea, thrash/death metal, but it plays a part).

I went to the "Hell for Leather" exhibition on 160711 at the Walsall Leather Museum. It feature a section dedicated to JUDAS PRIEST, and quite naturally the town of Walsall and its WORLD role in the leather industry. They are know for their Saddle making, briddles, etc!

I have posted my two visites to BMAG "Home of Metal", and the "Hell for Leather" exhibition. Just remember where you saw it first. Then you can say yes Andy you are the DADDY! Especially when I go to BMAG a third time to get what I failed to capture (audio/visiual - I was told to STOP Videoing) There was a DVD playing behind a glass case with reflection on it so I got the interview with Tony Iommi talking abut how he lost the end of his fingers, and the interview with Judas Priest. I thought I was filming an interview with Ozzy but it appears I failed to hit the record button, so I will have to go back. The interview with Ozzy was in a mock sitting room, but at least you could hear what Ozzy was saying over the overall backing sound of a Judas Priest Sound track that was on a loop. And then I aim to go to the WEDNESBURY Museum for their "Home of Metal Exhibition"! Not sure if I will be going to the Wolvehampton Museum and their "Home of Metal exhibition". Well, the basics are listed on the HOME of METAL web site

So I have been between a foot/inches away from some most precious artifacts.

So just remember if you see my photos/exhibition info else where just remember WHO TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT IT! So go on, check it out, and ENJOY! Feel free to save for personal use, but remember who owns the rights for those who want to make money on them!