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um, perhaps some cheese with that wine, madam blade?
um, since it would appear that madam blade seems to
be under the assumption that, um, is intended
to promote Ozzy's entire family, um, er, why don't you set
up an Osbourne's fan club eh?
I don't see much goin' on on this site in regards to the great
successes of Sharon, or Kelly.
What say you Madam darkblade?
um, don't forget, um,... this site is for all to visit and, um...
well why don't you please explain for, um..
conducting proper posts and responses.??
also, why would you have someone kicked off OZZY's web site??
does "Freedom of Speech" exist in your country?
um, how about, um... oh i know, "Freedom of Expression".
just wondering. so anyways when is this movie about Jack going
to be released outside of your country? haven't seen anything on this so far in my country. waiting anxiously though.
anyhow, tata. ;-)