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Ozzy Box set. 3

The Ozzy box set is Grate for anyozzfan Go out and Get it now. doses anyone know how to Get into his fan club i have been trying to become an official member but looks like when they updated the site (which i do not like the new site ) it wont let me Go to the web page anyone know>


hi asylum,
yeah, um.....er... i'm a little confused too?? lol :-)
are we missing something here?
after further thought on this, i kind of re-read the post and thought to myself, "well, if the new site sucks, i'm not sure i would want to be a member??" um....er....yeah, the wheels of confusion are whipping around inside my head like a really fast merry-go-round, that just won't stop, and it keeps getting faster, and i can't seem to get off...um..does that make any sense???

You're already a member, aren't you? I'm so confused lol

hi ozzfan99,
Fan Club?
how do I become a member?
can anyone help us?