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I have always assumed that Ozzy has had some form of the Christian faith taught to him at one point or another throughout his lifetime. Ozzy like most of us was probably raised within a Christian home that practiced some variation of the Christian belief system. The sect that he came from is not really all that relevant, but I also agree he most likely was raised in a Catholic home, as is true for most of England’s children, past as well as present day.

I first picked up on this through his choice of words & lyrics in his songs with Black Sabbath, as well as the many interviews he has done in years past where he has always given props to a higher power, hence I ultimately have determined he does indeed stock faith in some sort of divine deity. As to what particular one it is? It really has no consequence to me; it will have absolutely no effect on me as to whether I will purchase his cds or merchandise ever again in the future.

Now as for him going to church on a regular basis, I tend to think not, but who is to say. I guess it all depends on what your definition is of this thing called church? For me it’s standing in the woods, just me alone with my thoughts, & emotions. Reaching out to whatever it is that may be pulling all these strings down here on earth. So if that constitutes for one attending church, then I would say Ozzy has done that more than a few times during his lifetime, as well as have I.