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I got into trouble today!

I got into trouble today.
i was on what they call the "GO" train here in the G.T.A., and
i was reading "I AM OZZY" for like the 5th time, because my reading and retention level is very low.
anyways, i was reading..i think it was chapter II...anyways,
i can't remember what i was peeing myself laughing about out loud, and a man got up and was not impressed with my laughter on public transit, and he complained.
i was warned by transit security about my excessive laughter.
i tried to apologize, but i couldn't stop laughing.
yes, i was sober.
i was told to "please keep "it" down".
which kind of perplexed me because "it" is a very ambiguouse word.
i did manage to make it to my destination safely without being ejected from the train.
in fact, now that i am recalling the whole incident, i can't stop laughing about how rediculous that was.
anyways, i just thought i'd share that with you, my fellow Ozzy fans.
anyone else have a weird story about reading Ozzy's "story"?


ok dude,
i know this isn't a laugh out loud situation, but, man,
i can't help it.
anyways, um, let's think of it this way,
you did a noble thing by loaning your book out to a stranger.
you didn't know he was in a rehab program,
and if the boy or man can't think for himself,
well, i don't think yer ta blame.
um, that's a good one though.
lmaol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, it's proabbly not appropriate and i don't intend any offence against that dude).
cheers man,
um, yeah, um, i wonder if anyone can trump that story?

hi, here is my weird story:
i was staying in a hostel near Kingston,On,.
i was in what they called the "transient dorm".
i didn't realize the upsatirs part for the "residents" was
a rehab program for people with criminal, drug and alcohol problems. this one guy i didn't know he was in the "program", and he asked if he could read my book "I Am Ozzy".
i said sure. 6 days later i asked for it back, and he looked like
he didnt want to give it back.
i asked him how far he got in the book, he said "still reading 'John The Burglar' ".
i hope i didnt mess up his rehabilitation.