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ok bro,
if this were to be a battle ? ,
i think, now i say, i think, we could probably declare victory on this, um, one, but, if it'd be one of those types, knowing these types (no offense intended to anyone),
the war would probably be far from over?.
hang in there eh, i think we could survive this, if this were the situation.
anyways, i can't wait for this film to come out on bluetooth so
i can convert it to my blank "Beta" tapes is still have, because
i'm still on "Beta".
i'm so excited.
i checked, and the film isn't going to be shown in theatres up here
in the arctic. oh well, can't always get what we want eh?
cheers bro (Malo)!
p.s. keep on LOL'ing in the free world, while it's still free.