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ho robotman,
i assume yer talking to me re: "The Big Smoke" cause that's one of T.O.'s nicknames,
um, lol,
yeah, all are igloos disappeared in april. it was weird.
right now it's like mini lakes under our feet 'cause all the ice's top layer has melted.
yer right, good thing for the canoes.
yeah, everything has melted here too.
no theatres, libraries , sweat lodges, even our hockey rinks are all gone.
anyways, they're even saying we might not need snow shoes this winter either, and because there might not be enough ice, the government is considering waiving our fishing licence fees this winter because it will be deemed to unsafe.
so i guess is could be a free willy fishing season this winter if ya look on the bright side of things eh?.
oh, i forgot to mention, even all the Polar Bears are coming in from the tundra into our villages and, well, you what that can be like eh?
anyways, i think it might have something to do with this "Heat Dome" they say we're until probably January.
cheers bro!