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ok,um, i just read another post from darkblade today. lol,
ok now you want me removed from this website?
well, wouldn't that just end my life eh?
um, lol, please, i'm sure you have a full record of all of my posts, and if you feel i am driving fans away from this site, then beleieve me, you wouldn't have to kick me out, all you would have to do is "ask" me to leave and never come back, i would oblige with respect and understanding that my view points are obviously to radical for this website. i love Ozzy that much, that i would sacrifice myself for the sake of the survival of OZZYNATION.
so, please, let me know.
and as for madam darkblade, i would have suggest the same be done with your posts and the same judgement should be made of your comments etc.
that would only be fair, i think.
however, i don't think anyone should be kicked out of their favourite muscians website because of "words".
i guess we've come to the point in history where the language and behaviour police are enforcing things to the full extent of the, um, laws?
well roll with the punches i say!