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ok, i'm sorry,
if you are able to find this response to this post amongst
that scattered entries by unorganized datelines,
um, i have to say a couple of things if you are able to find this,
if not, oh well.

1) mrs.darklbale: i have a sneaky suspicion that "you" are
a "rival provocateur". probably from "maiden" or someone like that.
i have read several of your posts bashing Ozzy, and several responses bashing his fans.
i also noted you are promoting websites other than ""
for all of us to go, and you talk about "your" own website.????
what say you mrs.darkbale?
2) malo2 and jonny_blayd are bang on.
3) i posted a "post" or response to howie and sharon (i think it was that post anyways) and i typed in one of the contestants names and i got *'d !!??
i bet you if i say "i went to the zoo last week and saw the ,most beautiful Peac**k" that they will probably put *'s in that word to.

so in summation, i know a tonne of Ozzy fans who never come to this website. now i know why. i am new here, and i am leaving.
this is stupid, and i'm sure someone will mark this response as "offensive"
that's cool by me. in my country we don't have to live under these stupid censorship laws.

anyways good bye and farewell to the witch.

Sorry Ozzy, not yer fault.