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hi robotman,
LOL. i can't believe this.
i looked poppyc**k up in the dictionary and it means: nonsense.
so i thought of a made up story, to help indicate how rediculous this is:
(disclaimer: this is pure humour, all words used can be found in the dictionary and are not offensive or held in negative context nor conotones. pure satire.)
ok here we go:

This morning, when i woke up, naturally i c**ked my gun, and got it ready for todays hunting excursion. I woke up too early this morning, because all the roosters we're doing the c**k-a-doodle-doo too early today. Then once the roosters stopped, my c**katiel started to squawk. That's when I noticed a c**kchafer crawling up my kitchen wall. Probably going after our resident c**kroach. I'm pretty c**ksure on that one.
Anyways, I went to my bathroom, and noticed my c**ker spaniel, had performed a # 2 in the bathtub. As I was cleaning it up, in came walzing my 80 year old mother, you know doing her usual strut, wearing that dumb looking c**kade on her silly looking hat. Basically a c**ked hat. She is so c**ky too. You should see her in her silly hat, when she's all dolled up in her c**ktail dress, as she readies herself for the A-Typical pompous c**ktail party, at the most famous c**ktail lounge in town.
Anyways, because this was a very c**kamamie situation, i grabbed my favourite pet dog, my c**kapoo, and we hopped into the c**kpit of my vehicle, and we took off, before she could give me her daily list of things she needs done for the day. I swear she's the second coming of a c**k. Well, to be fair, an imature c**k, more like a c**kerel.
I tried, to tell my best old c**k this story, but he had just woken up when i arrived, and he was definately only at half c**k to pay attention to anything I was saying anyways. I'm c**ksure on that one too. So, I just joined him, and we started on the c**ktails pretty early on this day. I like this old c**k of mine, because no matter how many c**ktails we have together, he never, ever expresses interest in my private part, which is nice for a change.

There, now let's see how many non-bad words get sensored, this should be funny. after all, we are supposed to have fun at this website aren't we?