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Big Bad Canada !!!

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i just read a news report of a report of some "de-classified" secret service documents from a nation i will not name.
These documents indicate that one Canada's most influencial Prime Minister's in our nation's history, yes, the Prime Minister who gave us our "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" and asserted our "Civil Liberties", well, to sum it up, this "said" nation, believed that this particular Prime Minster of Canada was basically a dumb putz, and the equivalent of a leader of a Third World Country. ???

I would just like to remind all citizens of our Mother Earth, of the following:
1) Canada is a Sovereign Nation
2) Canada has uniques customs and traditions
3) Canada has a unique Political, Judicial and Health Services and systems
4) Canada is a Peaceful Nation, that is a participating member of The British Commonwealth
5)Canadian citizens, have a say in Policy, and making or challenging current or out-dated Laws, etc.
6) Canadians really just want to mind our own business and be left alone, and we are really not interested in other Nations interfering in our Private National Affairs
7) The "Dominion of Canada" is comprised of 3 (three) "unique" yet "united" Factions:
a) First Nation's ideologies
b) Anglo-phone Canadian ideologies, and
c) Franco-phone Canadian ideologies
all combined working together
8) United "We" Stand, United "We" Shall Not Fall
9) Canada has 2 (two) National Sports: Lacrosse and Hockey and
"WE" do stand on guard for thee, yes, "our" true north, strong and free, from far and wide, from sea to sea to sea.
10) Forever and Together, "WE" will always be FREE.

Cheers! and thank you for taking the time to read this post, and for your understanding.


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