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Okay, now they are coming forward with vids and pix. I guess they had to come out of the festival and then recover a bit before posting lol.

Two of your huge fans from Malta took some BAD#ZZ pix. And are glowing and so excited about the show. They said you ROCKED!

Talk about LOVE, they got front stage just off center despite 79,000 other fans being rowdy and wanting in. They sat there ALL Fahreakin' day for you. Mariella is a tiny little thing. Bruised arms and battered bodies, they withstood for a long time until finally being pushed back 3 rows by the crowd. Mariella had never seen you ever, it was a life dream to. Same with her guy Carmel.

THAT my friends is the kind of love I'm talkin' about. =0). We all love you Ozzy, and can't get enough of you and your shows.

Here are some of the pix: <a href="">Ozzy at Wacken Open Air Festival</a>

And a vid or two: <a href="">Ozzy Osbourne - I don't Want To Change The World Wacken 2011</a> and <a href="">Ozzy Osbourne @ Wacken 2011 - War Pigs</a>