If you could sleep with any one celebrity, besides Ozzy, who would it be? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

If you could sleep with any one celebrity, besides O...

Dakota Fanning


She's only 17, exactly half a year older than me.


She's pretty ~ I can see why you'd like her.

I'm a bit older so I like older guys. For a musician I'd go for James Hetfield hands down. I think he's a complex, beautiful man. I love him sober. For an actor I'd go for Kevin Costner. The man has a very sexy way about him.

I'm not sure of the spelling but I did have a thing for Wynona Ryder the chick from beetle juice, I had a thing for dark chicks..

oh yeah for a musician I'd go with Kesha... a NORMAL looking Kesha

Gary Shandling? Gary Shandling? (Joker laugh) Gary Shandling?!

meg ryan

I think Meg is pretty too. And Michele Pfeiffer. I've always thought that Kim Basinger was gorgeous. If I were a guy I'd not sneeze at any of those women. =0). Lita Ford in her day was quite the beauty too.

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t310/_fleurdumal_/BEETLEJUICE-H.jpg HOT!!!!!

Let me guess you like dances with wolves, that is at least his butt scene.

Nah. I didn't like him in that so much as his baseball movie Field of Dreams, Waterworld, the Postman, Message in a Bottle, Body Guard, and The Guardian. I prefer the older Kevin actually. He's sexy as all hell.


Garry Shandling