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Anybody know of any songs about lying?

Yeah I hate liars as much as you do, but can anybody think of any songs about lying? All I can think of are "King Of All Excuses" and "Eyes Wide Open" by Staind, and "Lying From You" by Linkin Park.


That's awesome. Not for others but for your family. Really difficult times when nature unleashes it's wings and flaps up a storm. Reminds us that although we create these superficial realities there is an earth that operates beyond the reaches of our synthetic imagination.

I came from MA. I remember hurricanes and our root cellar intimately. Creeped me right out. Always pictured more then 'taters in that dark stone room. Ah ah ah.

Yeah just north of the NY/PA border. Pretty sad, people lost just about everything they own. I actually helped clean up at the Methodist church for several hours. We didn't get flooded though, since we live on a hill. Just lost power and couldn't go anywhere for a few days.

Interesting. Stranger things have happened. I'm sure you'll handle it well. Some people are scatter-brained and not good organizers. If it were me I'd blow them off until something concrete comes your way. If they get their crap together and contact you fine. If you don't let it go otherwise you're dangling.

A flood, what's that all about? Wow. You must be back east. I read about that a bit ago.

twice it was their idea. one of them was just for the talent show, and the other was just for fun. but yeah I'll try talking to them about it. Tuesday will be my first chance after twelve and a half days off because of a flood (finally! can't wait to get back!!!).

Maybe you can talk to him and tell him you really want an honest answer about his intentions. That you've heard him say yes but waffling for a long time says no. You're interested but would rather him not misleading you to thinking something is going to happen but it doesn't.

Maybe he's someone who never learned how to say no so he lies thinking that's somehow easier. Guess it just shows you how a lie feels on the receiving end. Lying in some social circles is considered better then being up front. He probably thinks you'll "get the message" and drop it. f*** the guy.

Maybe the guy is a jerk. Blow him off! There are tons of musicians. Put an ad in the local paper. You may hook up that way.

Well Ive tried to start a band, and three times I was supposed to play with someone and they said they would, but I'm pretty sure, and my dad is too, that theyre just making excuses, like "oh Im really busy, things keep coming up, but I have time for other bands," or "my parents keep saying no whenever I ask them if they know a good time we can play... during the summer... when I obviously have time for another band," or "you can come over Monday, but Ill let you know what time later." Then Monday comes and hes like "todays not good, how about tomorrow?" I'm really getting sick of it. I was just thinking about it and decided to write a song about lying (Never Again, which is now done). I was just trying to find some songs about it, so I could get some ideas. Wow that was a long one!

What about "The Liar" by Ozzy? Wow, so many of his songs are about duplicity and lying/being deceitful, often to yourself. "Miracle Man" is a case in point.

Metallica "The God That Failed" is about lying to yourself in the addiction spiral. "Sad But True" is about lying to yourself but also about others lying in general.

"War Pigs" is about the entire lie of war mongers lying to themselves and the world.

"Dogs" by Pink Floyd is about a hitman whose life is built on lies and cold hearted cruelty. "Have a Cigar" is about record company lies. "The Wall" is about social lies.

There's tons. Why are you asking?