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Diary of a MadFan Halloween Contest

The contest rules are simple:

"...submit photos of yourself as Ozzy from one of the two album covers. Don’t be afraid to go all out and recreate the entire cover scene! Send us your photos dressed as the Prince of Darkness in the setting of the Blizzard Of Ozz or Diary of a Madman covers and have a chance to be a featured fan on Ozzy’s page!"


I tweeted back to @OfficialOzzy that the links are broken on the last 2 masks.

If you go onto the site for submissions? They have NOTHING to do with contest rules.

What does this show? THAT NOBODY GIVES A RATS BEHIND when they put stuff out there in the name of The Prince of Darkness!

This could be really fun. Instead? There's baby pictures, fan pix. Ozzy pix. WTF!


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