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Hey Derek.

I'm just a fan. And I know how much a private talk with Ozzy means and intend no disrespect by replying. Your words touched me so I wanted to ask if you've ever heard the song "See you on the other side?" I think that song alone has been dedicated to loved ones crossed over then any other song I know of. It's a beautiful song. I lost an older brother when I was ten. He drowned while on TDY in the Air Force just before getting stationed. He was 17. We had been best pals since I was the littlest girl. I followed him around like a little puppy. So it doesn't surprise me that you two were so close.

It's really hard when that kind of unconditional love goes missing. I've never had it again in my life. Except from me to my kids. I feel for you. Deeply sorry to hear about your loss.

I think maybe that's why Ozzy has always meant so much. I was very young when I heard Sabbath (around 12-13). Where once there was at least one person in my corner keeping me from the madness called my mother, suddenly there was no one. Pretty lonely. Music became what I turned to. Black Sabbath was perfect. Ordinary guys who hit the big time. What could be more appealing? Ozzy's goofiness, dimples, long hair and peace signs just hooked young me big time. He captured my heart way back when, around 1976.