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How many Ozzy Concerts were you on?

Hello im 13 years old, and i were at Skanderborg Festival to see Ozzy.
Honestly it was the best 1 hour and 30 mins in my life.
I just wanted to ask you how many Ozzy Concerts you were on, and where it was.


Daniel, the first time I paid to watch Ozzy (but didn't) was on Aug 08 1980. There were rumblings of what happened with the band (Black Sabbath had fired Ozzy) but I honestly never wrapped my mind around the fact that he'd not be onstage, for reals, until I saw Ronnie James Dio step onstage with this ridiculous set of stilletto boots (about 24" tall) and black leather, frizzy hair, all reflected in the lights. I was 15. The songs were the same musically but there was this HUGE disappointment in my heart because the voice and the presence of Ozzy was not there and so Black Sabbath to me was not there. RJDs voice was good but it did not work for me for Sabbath. Same thing happens with many bands. People get used to what they think is the band and can't accept something else.

Many years and situations later I have seen Ozzy in concert 3 times. The closest was second row in Hollywood, which was fantastic. Magical. Another of the two was not so close at the San Bernadino venue Ozzfest, but it held an incredible magic for me. I felt Ozzy's voice snake through the night darkness and weave it's spell around me until it connected to me straight in my center. He was singing Sabbath songs that mean the entire world to me and I will NEVER forget that. Even without any of the others THAT was me, that 15 year old girl inside me with wide eyes open, hearing BLACK SABBATH, and screaming with joy. =0) It was my Ozzy!

Ozzfest was my favourite, because it was the first time I'd seen him, 30 years after that first concert he wasn't at. Long story why, most of which kind of was my own fault in marrying badly, but that was the case despite being his avid fan in the meantime.

Both, I agree, were the best time I have ever spent.

The third concert that I went to I still had fun but was REALLY upset. They put me 26th row at time=0 in Phoenix Comerica theatre for the $150 ticket. They had sold his concert to ticket pawner/hawkers pre-show so nothing was available closer without spending 3x as much. That was the first time my daughter who also loves him (she's 10) saw Ozzy. We were so far back? I was soooo disappointed!

The show 2nd row I had to fly to CA to see, but I got that close for the same $150 at time=0 (concert tickets went on sale at that moment).

I hope Ozzy NEVER deals with Comerica Theatre again. THEY ROT!

I met him at the booksigning here recently. AND...I got to shake his hand! <3