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Dear Ozzy, dear fans...

I'm writing this letter and hope that it will reach Ozzy and as many of you as possible....

My name is Natassa and I live in a small town in the south of Greece called Pylos.

Last Tuesday, October 25, our house burned to ashes....and nothing survived...a problem with the electrical circuits the fire department said...
Everything that took almost 25 years to built and collect was destroyed in almost one hour....:-(

My boyfriend, Giannis, who had recently moved in from Athens, brought with him, apart from his clothes and personal items, his entire collection of cds, records and books. It was almost 3.000 cds, records and books from various artists...a collection which took him almost 25 years to put together...ever since he was a 12 year old child...

I can't begin to describe the pain we felt as we watched our house burning and not being able to do anything to stop is something that we will never forget and will always carry it in our souls and thoughts for the rest of our lives....

When the fire department finished their job and we managed to get in the house we tried to rescue whatever we could find that was not burned or destroyed by the tons of water...unfortunately there was little to rescue from the pile of burned cds, records and books that was kept alphabetically in shelves and bookcases for so many years!!!

At the end of that day we found some burned pages from Ozzy's book....when we saw it Giannis started crying and told me that if there was only one thing that he could save was that book. It was so precious to him because he adores Ozzy and during Ozzy's last appearance in Greece, Giannis was one of the few lucky ones that met with him and managed to get a autograph from Ozzy himself inside the book cover. During that meeting Ozzy told him that he was the only one that had given him the book to sign, if he had read it and if he liked it.

If anyone knows a way to get this letter to Ozzy or anyone close to him please please please try to get this message through! It would be the greatest gift for Giannis and will make him very happy!

Thank you all!!!


Thats horrible. I'm sure Ozzy will do something about this.

It must be very hard to lose a letter from Ozzy.

A big thank you to all for your support and kind words. I have send this message to as many music related websites and hopefully someone will read it and possibly give me some information on how to get this message through to OZZY!!! Keep up the faith everyone!!!

Losing all that you love, your music, your memorabilia...photographs, comforting things, very sad. Best of luck to you both.

It's pretty screwed up that none of the previous posters bothered to send their condolenses to the creator of this topic. @ozzy mania, I'm very sorry to hear what happened to your and your boyfriends home. I hope all turns out well in the end.

Ozzy my name is Marcelo Seiji Raquel S.A.T.O, I felt I should write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks and ozzy whats the name of your new album