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Going Through Changes

This song is very emotional and seems to tell a story of how "love went astray" and had to let their love one go. This is definitely a sad topic, however in may my case (and many other cases) my spouse and I had a fantastic relationship but it was taken away by cancer. This leave me having to go through life changes as well, and has done so for many people.

I have heard several version of this song and would very much like for Ozzy to write/sing a version for those of us who have lost a love one, not because of neglect, but due to circumstances beyond our control. In my case I am referring to Cancer which kills so many people. Cancer does not discriminate and when it takes away the life of young people it is so awful and the changes that families must go through are enormous.

I still like to have private time to grieve after four years. One of the things I like to do is play this song and slightly change the words in my mind to fit my circumstances. I still feel that I am "still going through changes" which are often times very difficult and I truly do now know how I should start the next day of my life.

I am opening up this topic to anyone else who is an Ozzy fan and that can relate. Although we never really think of Ozzy has an emotional person (heavy rock artist on the dark side) this song really proves that he is human and understands human emotions and can also be a great musician and entertainer.


I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Ozzy is a (or was a ) very emotional person. When you reach the end and look back you realize you where allways in controle. Life will happen with or with out you, trust me I know. Manipulate the small things till you can visualize a path. Thats the only way out.

Sorry to hear of your loss.