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Juliette Valduriez (JulietteVmusic) for Ozzy Guitari...

Some of us on JulietteVmusic's Channel on YouTube think that she should be Ozzy's next guitarist. This woman has expansive talent. And, as I've heard Ozzy say about Randy ... it is very clear that her guitar is an extension of her. She is just so naturally connected to the instrument and she has an intensity that I have not heard in a long, long, time.

Very, very impressive player.

Check her out and add your own comments to this topic in support:


That would be interesting. And a first for Ozzy. He's not had a woman on board, ever. Probably a Sharon thing.

I think she's good. She does understand Randy's solo's, doesn't she. Kind of tapers off on the closing of this song, but in general during it she does very well.

It's a shame we don't have bands without chicks stripped and in lingerie any more ~ she'd be a great part of a band writing her own stuff.