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International Ozzy Osbourne Day - Dec 3rd

As you all know, December 3rd is a very special day not only for Ozzy himself but for fans everywhere!!! This year he will be celebrating his 63rd Birthday. A while ago I had made a Facebook page and called it 'International Ozzy Osbourne Day - Dec 3rd'...and since then I have ONLY had about 116 people 'Like' the page (including support from Rudy Sarzo and Rob Blasko). I even made an 'EVENT' page about it and even there the response has been minimal. So, as I type this tonight I was hoping that I could get some extra support from fans here on his website. Here is the link to the facebook page...!/pages/International-Ozzy-Osbourne-Day-Dec-3rd/251425398223459

Here is the EVENT page as well....!/event.php?eid=171008402993234

So please, visit these 2 links on FACEBOOK and help spread the word for this very important event that should be celebrated world wide by fans everywhere!


LET THE MADNESS BEGIN.....................................


Glad to see Ozzy celebrated in many forms. And to see another fan page on FB. I don't pretend to know him or other famous people...that is a stretch and a fine line is drawn where people might come to think so because of how things are phrased. So I'm sure to always tell them I don't. Even so, some still get mad at me ~ especially when I can't make him tour where they want him to. But that's WAY past me. I could pretend I know him or others, but what does that do aside of feed some need for importance? Meh ... I really enjoy rubbing elbows with other fellow fans. It warms my heart to know how many love the man. Best of luck with your page. Surely Ozzy appreciates all angles of fans showing the love.

Hey Helen,
I for one will be celebrating the Ozz-man's birthday! I have joined both your pages on Facebook and look forward to celebrating with you and many other Ozzy fans from around the world. It's a great way for us dedicated fans to truly show our appreciation towards Ozzy for his magnificent musical talent and brilliant showmanship that he has bought us for so many rockin' years! He really is one in a billion. There is only ONE Ozzy Osbourne and I am more than proud to be celebrating his birthday with him from all the way across the pond here in Ozztralia. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN INDEED AND GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE!.

True Dedicated Ozzy Aussie Fan and Friend.

Andrew. (Ozzywylde83)