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Crazy Train Remix

Hopefully someone can help, because this is driving me crazy. I'm sure you all know there is a techno remix of Crazy Train with (supposedly) Madonna. Was this ever released, and if so, what's the album? Is it Madonna? I've seen YouTube comments that it was remixed by Colin McMillan or Joe Burgess. I can't seem to find any info on it on Wiki or any Ozzy sites/albums. If anyone knows anything about the origins of this song, if it's on any legit/official album (I'm guessing not), anything at all would be helpful, really, since all the info I've found is conflicting and mostly unhelpful.


Never heard of it. Only one song that Ozzy sang with Madonna and she asked for her vocals to be taken off. Kim Basinger sang the backup afterwards. I'd look in Rock Detector though. If it was from that far back they'd have it listed. Don't recall reading anything about that though.