FIRE IS THE FRUIT OF MANS KNOWLEDGE | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site


Sending the truth into your hearts and minds my hope is to refresh your thinking and show you to the true life, forever giving life.
You don't feel different, there was no lighting or any other mystic happening, but everyone who reads through any of my messages has a new veiw of mankinds creaton in your hearts.
I have held the truth in me not with disbelief but with fear. Giving it to those that I felt might see the truth in the life. Now I believe that all mankind has the right to be shown everything.
Mankind suffers from a deficiency of wisdom by fault of the pleasures of mankinds creation, built in an attempt to fill the deficiency that is within mankind.
My message title is writen in the style of Moses simply so that it might be more easily understood. In my own words I might say that FIRE IS THE SOURCE OF THE CORUPTION IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS!
Even with a seemingly weak means of sending the truth that I see, I have still shown thousands to the true life from the gathering places of the praise of my old friends. I made a promise to protect my friends from destruction, I'm hear to keep that promise.
Always keep in mind the true evil that I believe blindly guides mankind toward certain destruction.
Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind is the devil you seek. All of our minds united to destroy all life.
Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind created electricity (power).
Electricity in the lives of mankind created media, showing and telling us lies every day.


Little Ozzy is Fire!