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Ozzy!!!! Ozzy!!!! Ozzy!!!! (we miss you!)

Since the tour ended and the Sabbath announcement was issued, there's been very little in the press (or from photographers) about Ozzy. That said, I know he loves (and damned sure well deserves) his down time.

Can't we catch pix of you & the missus out at one of your events or something? I don't mean gossipping on her show...ugh. That's about Sharon and gossipping women. We would rather hear Ozz with a radio announcer talkin' about life, music, the reunion, his book, his family, the grandkids, 2012 and what it holds... or see some goofy pix while snuggled up at home with the doggies...messing around with Tony, Bill, and Geezer in the studio, painting in his garden...

We miss you Ozzy! Just sayin'.


In the words of Alanis, "isn't it ironic." Figures (that he went on the idiotic tv show). Wow. Well, whenever he's ready to be real with fans and with real fans again, we're waiting.

I Agree! Also cant wait 4 the reunion tour!