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Sent this off tonight for you. I hope you hear something back.

Arizona Darkblade (@AZDarkblade)
Posted Friday 6th January 2012 from Twitlonger

@OfficialOzzy A user needs help with authenticating Randy Rhoads/Ozzy signed Diary album. The post is on Ozzy site:

palmviperhit Newbie Joined: Nov 2011 Posts: 3 United States Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 20:47

I have in my collection a silver sharpie signed autograph of Ozzy and a Black sharpie signed Randy Rhoads, Diary of a Madman album which i personally had autographed by them. I am looking to get it authenticated in written form i know it's real i handed it to them both personally, does anybody know of any authentication services i can use ? there seems to be a lot of questions about Randy signature as it was signed differently. After an exhaustive search and comparison of all his autographs i have found one example in cursive like mine that i have no doubt proves or would be able to prove it's authenticity to the buyer of it when i go to eventually sell it. almost all of Randy's signatures have very pronounced sweeps in the R's, my signature has a flatter more flowing style being it's in cursive, and the Y and swoop and connecting circle at the end of his signature, in my signature match perfectly with the one other cursive signature specimen i have found. If anybody can help me i would greatly appreciat it and would gladly send photo's of the album with both signatures on it to them if it would help.
I can be reached here or at

Much thanks and love on this the 30'th anniversary of diary of a Madman album.

John Michael Gallia,
I know, pretty ironic Ozzy and i share the first and middle name lol

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