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Well it’s refreshing to finally talk with someone that is aware of how much Geezer contributed to Sabbath. Geezer is truly awesome; I am a big, big fan of the guy.

I am curious how you feel about technical ecstasy? Are you of the same mind that with that album they definitely showed how each of them had evolved as musicians, & what direction their sound was taking them in. I really enjoy that effort from them mostly due to that fact, that you could hear the Ozzy that we got with blizzard, & diary, as well as Iommi's guitar sound, it really kind of gave you a heads up on what was to come with Dio joining Sabbath an all. Just curious as to what track you think from that album best represents that theory, & what is your fav song from technical ecstasy? I really got off on all moving parts (stand still) & she’s gone. To be honest I almost like she’s gone as well if not better than changes, what about you bro????