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A wonderful site full of metal heads, mainly from England as you will discover. So I quote from the site:

Home of Metal is a celebration of the music that was born in the Black Country [region of England where the industrial reveolution happened] and Birmingham, and is a project created and profduced by Capsule.

Home of Metal brings people together to share their passion and explore themes of heavy Metal throughexhibitions, film screenings, live events, a conferance and family freindly activities. Four decades since heavy metal was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. Home of Metal honours a trueley global phenomenon.

The Home of Metal digital archive is an opportunity for fans from all coners of the globe to share their passion for Heavy Metal music and contribute stories and memorabilia by uiploading images, sound files and film footage.

We need you to contribute to the archive with your heavy Metal related wares, playing a part in securing our identity as the Home of Metal.


A nice bunch of people who are into music and not BS. You can also find their trelated Face Book Page. Not sure how the two are linked ie, transfer of infor, BUT they are the same people.

Give them a look and see what you think. I asked several questions , not knowing if they were urbam legend or fact. SOmeone out there confirmed they were fact. So go on have a look, and I know that some of you are already there, as I introduced you personally.


I asked a question several times on the Home of Metal Face Book page and several kind folk have come up with the goods. What fine people these are.

My question was simply this "Does anyone know where Sabbath and led Zep used to rehearse in Kingstanding Birmingham"?

NOW I know and will go and take photos for one and all to see. As it happens it is NOT quite where I thought it was, and that was a choice of which side of the former Cinema (the one which advertised a film, that Geezer suggested as the band name. BLACK SABBATH! So, time permitting I'm off there. Wish me luck, as the building STILL exsists!


BTW, I have shared my photos of these exhibitions with my friends on this site and others, as that is what friends are for, is it not?! So If I have not shared and you are my friend, then once you have seen the published photos, all you have to do is ask me to down load the JPEGs in an email to YOU!

I went to their main exhibition 3 times at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I took on average 200 photos on each visit. Some were of what I had already taken or from a different angle, and some I had not seen on previous visits. I also visited the exhibition at the WAlsall Leather Museum, and looked at the Judas Priest stage wear and memorabilia, Next I went to the Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery which was mainly photos and a little Judas Priest stuff. Then again they came from TIPTON/Walsall area. Oh to have this history a short drive from home.

I have also asked if what i was told was true and not an urban myth. DID Ozzy and Thelma own a specific wine bar. The answer was YES and there is some memoribilia/info inside!

I have also asked if any one knew what number house Tony lived at down Washwoodheath. The only response was that my rspionder did, but did not know the number

I have also asked about Birchfield School, and bat has based my response, on this site, and thank you for everyones contribution to this one.