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I went to their main exhibition 3 times at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I took on average 200 photos on each visit. Some were of what I had already taken or from a different angle, and some I had not seen on previous visits. I also visited the exhibition at the WAlsall Leather Museum, and looked at the Judas Priest stage wear and memorabilia, Next I went to the Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery which was mainly photos and a little Judas Priest stuff. Then again they came from TIPTON/Walsall area. Oh to have this history a short drive from home.

I have also asked if what i was told was true and not an urban myth. DID Ozzy and Thelma own a specific wine bar. The answer was YES and there is some memoribilia/info inside!

I have also asked if any one knew what number house Tony lived at down Washwoodheath. The only response was that my rspionder did, but did not know the number

I have also asked about Birchfield School, and bat has based my response, on this site, and thank you for everyones contribution to this one.