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ya. I'm pretty focused in positive thoughts and prayers for Tony. if it makes any difference i don't know and don't care. i'll send it out anyways because i believe it does. i've just restored my heart with the band rejoining, Ozzy rejoining his old mates. inside it was the biggest joy and surprise ever, one i couldn't imagine happening in my lifetime but did. i will forego a tour so that Tony can heal fully. she should take care of himself till he's in the clear as his priority. besides, after people "know" an album a tour is 1billion times better. rushing into a tour right away kind of stinks when nobody knows the songs. then you get the "lets pull out the oldies we've played for everyone 3million times." I want to hear the new album (when ever it is okay to finish) played live - about 70% of their show. like it was in the old days.