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OZZFEST at sleeptrain in Ca.

I just won V.I.P. tix to the show today from my local radio station. I am so jazzed. I already have tix comming from the album and ozzfest.com but this somehow just makes it seem like a sealed deal now.


OZZY! OZZY! OZZY! Sacto loves ya.

Way to go!! You are lucky as f***!!
Hey OZZFESTGURL! So you're in Stockton, Why haven't we met.

Metal head... And damn proud!!!

Hope that your on cloud 9 right about now ,congrats and kick some ass at the show.

I have VIP tickets too....see you there!!!!

You are lucky as f***. Ill be at that show and I better have damn good seats.

Congrats!!!! That is awesome!!!! I am seeing it in Phoenix, Arizona!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Assume Nothing, Question Everything. Take Nothing for granted.

LONG LIVE OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go I am hoping I got the reserved tickets when my cd arrives, I bought it early so it might be in there. Been listening to Ozzy for over 24 years. Still rocks he is the man!!

i want to go but i live in oregon, and its not coming here , i will be in a wheel chair from my latest backsurgery
#4, im bummed------:(