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First off lets establish that Ozzy doesn’t need anybody at this point of his career, the man could be dollied out on stage dead with a mic taped to his wrist & he would still manage to bring down the f***in house, why? Because he is f***in Ozzy Osbourne, a living legend & that’s an undeniable fact!

This is really a good statement. I believe with all of my heart that Ozzy could be in a wheelchair, un-able to move and to walk with the mich latched onto him and still rock 100 thousand people. Why? Because he is Ozzy F******* Osbourne. That is the most powerful statement in rock and metal. Ozzy music has done so much for millions of people. He has inspired people to do things they thought they could never do.

I do like Tony. I like Tony with the orginal Sab 4. I do feel that he should have changed the name like Van Halen did with Hagar. Maybe Grey Sabbath aye?????

I have been Ozzy bashed too much and I am starting to calm down. I have not gone near the industry that made me crazy. Now aint that a trip. I leave a group of people that are suppose to be respectuful members of the community and world because I was driven nuts. I come back to Ozzy after being gone almost three years and I get my sanity back. I am actually going back to school. My time is going to be much much more productive that it has been in a long time..... Ozzy???? Got ME to see reality???? Now that is a first.... And they say he is nuts.... NOT.... He is very much Down To Earth (hey I know of a CD by that name LOL).......... Love him now and never stopped.........