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Guitar World Roast of Zakk Wylde

I just saw in a GW magazine that Zakk Wylde was roasted by people like Corey Taylor, Scott Ian, Sharon Osbourne, and others. Corey said: "Ozzy has repeatedly talked to Zakk about his drinking problem. Think about what I just said. How f***ed up do you have to be when Ozzy Osbourne tells you that you have a substance problem?" Brian Posehn said: "Zakk, how does it feel to have a career because someone with more talent died?"


Who the f*** is Brian Posehn anyway....Listen to live at budokan and tell me Zakk hasn't got it....Fn critics are just wannabes anyway

Takes big feet to fill the shoes Randy left....not many could have pulled it off.

Brian Posehn is a comedian. Btw, everything said at the roast were jokes (which is the point of a roast), and even Zakk thought they were funny.

any man that can play the national anthem with one hand while turning up a bottle of jack d better than hendrix ever could deserves to be crowned guitar god of our generation!!!!!

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