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I am in the right place, you are the people that the true Life seeks.
My posts can be some what biblical but I haven't and don't follow any one popular religion. I have found that the Holy Bible does contain the truth I have recived throughout. If any of you could take the time to read it, you might be able to see for yourselves.
Seeing and believing that fire is the source of our now obvious path of destruction was easy for me. The animal is very much alive within me. By animal I don't mean tear you apart or eat you. Have any of you seen a wild animal loose it on anything without reason? Reason being food and/or servival. Again, wild animal.
It's easy for me to imagine a human existance without fire, in a way I remember living many lives without using fire for survival. It was sweet.
I haven't always known the truth behind the destructive force within mankind and I hate doing this for obvious reasons but I did ask the Life on earth for the truth and I wouldn't want to die without knowing.
From within my faithful friends social network to spread the truth that idealy mankind shouldn't be using a destructive force like fire to comfort our lives. Mankind has destroyed many lives seeking an unreasonable and/or unachivable level of comfort for ourselves.
A few questions for anyone reading these posts. Can any of you imagine a life as a human living without fire? What type of life would mankind live without fire? Why would I still live within the flames I see when I don't want to?