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Fire in our lives is my enemy and I have used the tools my enemy uses against humanity to destroy the lie we all live within. Information is far more useful than threatening rules and/or laws.
I know what I give to everyone is hard and for some impossible to hear but I really wish someone had an intelligent argument, a challenge would be nice. I get hate and belittleing in most of the forums, but I have yet to encounter an intellegent debate. Just the usual, your wrong without reasoning or debate.
Thanks to all the moderators for putting up with my opinions, your tolerance is not shared by all the forum mods where I have shared my opinions.
Mankind started on a path of destruction when fire was taken into mankinds lives. The Bible calls this the tree of knowledge, and we do know. Don't we? Mankind can also see that death is soon going to remove humanity from earth. I give you the exit by freely showing you all that new life might be given.
Earth has an abudance of life and more than enough room for us. 7'000'000'000 plus human lives now. There are probrably more organisms on your pillow. Unfortunatly this might be the type of life for most. Haters choose thier own place.
I am not here to bring peace to mankind, although peace will be given to the true life when mankinds madness is gone.
Thanks for your help haters. Keep it coming. If you would come see me you would not be so bold.