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Donnington Park, is a modest 30 miles each way for me. The hardest/longest part of the day will be getting on and off the site!
Also I do not need a PASSPORT to get there. Mind you I must get mine renewed as the holiday season is steadilly approaching.
Mind you one of my friends from Derby will park a a friends relatives and walk in! lucky boundy I say!
So there will be a few geordies, Manac's, and I dare say a few MONKEY HANGERS! Got to be a local to understand that.
The last thing any of us want to to be collared by some person or other you do not wish to be around! I just hope also that it does not rain, as we may all end up with Trench foot!
So let us hope that BILL WARD is on his Drum Stool where he belomgs. So practice the chants!!!!!!!!!!11