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** Disclosure is Require'D **
^Open Record(s) Act ~N~ Freedom of Information Act ^
1st A Bab ;)

This is the Oh Yea... P.S. or is it B.S......? Anywayz, if ya Don't think I "Got" something ta "Say"
A ?

Blow this one Off~ o|^_^|o

Below is the electronic trail (Digits) of why I wanna contact a "Few" & Am Very Serious about it. I did not reach Alex, (YET) the Em was returned "Bounce'd~Back" just like Alex has & more are to follow. This I hope confirm(s) my intent & prove I am going to say what I "FeeL" & with a "Few" ~some help.... "Wellse"

L@@K Forward ta Hear'n Bak from ya,



I remember your case & why I have your guestbook ema, here(s) the Fact(s) of "Falseness & Fraud in Oklahoma State Court(s) Open Record(s) Act......
My names is Charles M. Winnicki II (MsgRetDsbd Vet)
10108 Albert Lane Yukon, OK. 73099-8301 (Lost Property)
Canadian County, El Reno, OK. Court Record(s)
Winnicki V Winnicki: Judge(s) Wolking, John (Orig), (Unkn) 2d & Last Judge of Record 2006ish
over (20) lawyers involved, (3) Gal(s), Paid Witness(s), Sold-out by Atty, Ect... (Also see State Sup Court Records) in Oklahoma County.
Open Records Act + this Digital Authorized Signature Email sent by me (Charles M. Winnicki II) or
The reason I contact you,
Im sure you have better access n connections to Please forward this email to both Katie & Tom to review & know my X (Shelly Sanders, remarried to Chad Sanders, brother of recent elected Oklahoma State Senator Sanders) probally won't allow any contact with "Katty" my now (17) yo Daughter "Katty" Katheryn Elizabeth Winnicki, Kingfisher, OK can't wait to be (18) & has a ^Story^ for Both Tom & Katie as to "Custody".
I'm "Free" to assist your "Staff" in any research required. I don't want a singe thing, except...Both Katie & Tom contact'd to consider a 50/50 Custody, even if the Child has to switch schools each year of arrangement(s). Id hate to Hear/See their Daughter have to go thru what mine has ~ is till 1 Nov 2013.

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From: Charles Winnicki <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:27 PM
Subject: Fw: Your seat on Barack's bus ~ Ma'm...Kewl !

This was a reply to an automated email system: No Disrespect was intended, if you readit, u will know the intent.

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From: ~Charles~ <>
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 9:26 PM
Subject: Re: Your seat on Barack's bus ~ Ma'm...Kewl !

The 18-27 yo'z (I've talked to various-type(s) over the last <4> yrs), R soo "Non-Political", R not able to Vote (Law Rstriction(s) due to various "Felonies or State(s)" Record/court(s), All kinds of Exuse(s) ~ Reason(S) & type(s) of issue(s), that "Prevent'd" from Being Legal to Vote, Some only "Know" what's taken outta their "Paychecks" & Don't see Any "Benefits" (hands~on) or Any Importance to/of "Their~Future" as they are living nowadayz with;
No Jobs, Weak Econ, High gas price(s), ^Historic^National ^ Student Loans/Debt, Education is not "Gear'd" for their "Future(S)" or in Equality !!, House(s) built 50 yrs ago they cost maybe $ 10-15k Then/Now cost over $100K, Opps w/Loan cost..more than double(s) over $v200K for something that only cost what?, CEO/Corp(s) bailout's, Huge Bonus(s) or is it B ~us (Sorry, bad form, but also realize "Staff" (s) Reading this, Sooo (LOL 4u)....... ikid have a list thing(s) for ya, but do have (S)everal Future energy wave(s) on "Stand-Bye". Today's Tecki World is not being taught to (TWO) year olds in this Country....Why~Knott?, Cyberspace is just Eyez~Rite & just another thing the US is Way-Behind~in Doing ...................
P.S. In case I Don't Hear/See ya B4 the $ind of July.........Happy $th & already mailed-in my 1st $$, Extreme~Time(s) require(s) Additional "Legal" Resource(s) from everywhere & type(s) of "People"....... I'm a linedog/field type, not in front of the camera's or making speache(s), That's your Husband(s) Job.

I'd like to have a USPS Street "Snail~Mail" type address to mial-in a money order for a brief subscription of say 180 dayz... (How Much ?). I am going 2B contacting a "Few" Good~People" to discuss some ^Creative Lyrickx^ that will <Lick> 4 Dayz. My Short~List of who I wanna contact:
V. Furman Alis Alice Cooper, I'm not (18) again or Anymore, Butt the Energy~Wave(S) of that ^Emotion^ is Totally:)Uncontrollable............
I'd like to invite the Ozz that will "Relate" 2 Date what's need'd 2b (Said or Sad), but "True" & (1) more Special Touch, Gary, I Feel~It thru'dem fingur(z) on (his) GeetaRrrr. I could ^Never^ list every "Influence", Most are Dead, But Vinn & Ozz R my Main~II.
Please Forward/Reply as to the cost & Let'z get tat chat'n.....
Charles M. Winnicki II (Msg/Ret/Dsbd/Veteran (7 Feb) E. Lansing, Michigan
5510 N. Tulsa Ave. (USA~State Address)
Oklahoma City, OK. 73112.2170

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