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Thanks for the reassurance that I am on to something here by asking this of Ozzy in the first place. I understand Ozzy & Sharon's commitment to doing Ozzfest, but before Ozzy says his final goodbye, I think he should do a club show tour, via allowing us to get a intimate chance to say goodbye to the man, the legend, the immortal madman! I like you can hardly stand the heat, & even though I have enjoyed a lot of the opening acts at Ozzfest, there are some that I hardly think are worth sitting in 95 – 100 degree heat for. As for having heat stroke, there are very few bands I would be willing to chance that with. I also want to add that I love Ozzy enough to withstand the onslaught of the heat & crowds, but it just grieves me that because of these mentioned factors my children may never get a chance to see him. Ozzy will only be another icon on their wall that they never even had a chance to see first hand, kind of like the many posters of past legends that lined my teenage walls.