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Are you talking about the original line-up from Ozzy's first 2 albums reunion (minus of course and unfornately RR).
What I would love to freaking see back with Ozzy is JAKE E. LEE
Besides RR I think Jake was the best guitarist that Ozzy has had.
No disrespect to Zach but I love all of Jake's work including the albums with his band after Ozzy. Amazing albums and would love to hear more of Jake E. Lee.
Cause when you have Jake writing songs for Ozzy and his style and band they just mesh beautifully, at least I think.
I've also heard a rumour that Ozzy HAS tried to recuite Jake again for his band in the past, but the wounds of being FIRED from both Ozzy & Sharon is still WIDE open and hard to close.
Both "Bark At The Moon" & one of my favourate albums of the 80's "Ultimate Sin" where a MASTERPEICE by both Ozzy and more JAKE.
And again don't get me wrong, I LOVE "No More Tears" but that's about my love for Zakk's work with Ozzy. I love the crazy ass guitar solo in "Breakin All The Rules" but wasn't a big fan of "No Rest For The Wicked". But may have something to do with the fact that it wasn't JAKE on guitars. I liike the album now and a few songs on there at GREAT.
But Randy first then JAKE and I think I've (at least tried) to make my point. LMFAO!!!hehehe

New to the board but been an OZZY fan since I first heard "Flying High Again" and of course "Little Dolls".