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Re: Crazy Train your favorite 9 year old fan .

Dear Mr Ozzy

My name is Aisling Harris . My fan page is aislingbermy . I am from Bermuda and I visit my nonna and nonno from the States quite often , oh yeah nonna and nonno means grandma and grandpa . Even though I joined your fan page today August 27 2012 , I have been listening to your music longer than I remember . I picked August 27 2012 because its my 9th birthday . My favorite song is Crazy Train . I know all the lyrics , I bet you do to . One of memorable experiences was meeting Queen Elizabeth on November 26 2009 when she came to visit Bermuda . Another memorable experience would be if I got a response from you by getting your autograph , that would be totally awesome . Keep rocking Mr Ozzy , so will I .