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He was beautiful to watch though. A nice looking man. Gorgeous. He was a rock star.>
Thank you for the compliment!

I admire Ozzy; Ozzy gave the tone deaf hope that they can be stars like him someday, even if
they are fat and crazy. That's the important thing.

I know Jake doesn't like Ozzy. Jake said Ozzy abused him with dirty words, he said
(one more word, I'll hit you! then he fired me.) He said he was happy only when he played with
cars. Also (when I played solo, Randy's fans stood in front of me, putting up a placard (Randy is still
alive) Well, I am glad they love Randy, but they don't need to do that in front of me.)

He said he fed up with music business, (why do I have to continue this?)
So I wonder why people want to see Jake and Ozzy together. I enjoy both of Jake and Randy's music,
but I think Ozzy's fan are not good people, like you!!