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I agree with you about TE being the black sheep of the Sabbath Catalog, & under rated to say the least. As for "its alright" by Bill, I am sorry I didn’t list that one, considering it’s the only Sabbath song featuring Bill alone that I am aware of, & yes Bill is kind of over looked as far as rock drummers go. I have always thought that Bill got over looked during his era with guys like John Bonham, & Keith Moon getting so much of the glory. In retrospect I think its kind of bulls***, especially since modern metal has a big tribal influence in it, & I kind of think Bill’s style was also in that flavor, not exactly but I can hear traces of it in there. Bill has always been a drummer that played from the heart more so than being all hung up in the technical way of drumming, not that the man doesn’t have definite skills that shine.

I am surprised you don’t agree with Tony’s guitar sound on TE sounding a lot more polished than his previous recordings with Sabbath up to that point. I could definitely hear a difference in the tone & distortion he used in TE as compared to lets say never say die. I thought it kind of gave a sneak peek at what Iommi had up his sleeve, because by the time he recorded heaven & hell Tony’s sound was dramatically different in my opinion, maybe it was the introduction of better outboard gear such as processors ect. I mean you can still tell its Iommi, but a wiser much more experimental Iommi, it’s a shame that Osbourne was let go, I think it would have been great for Ozzy to have been a part of all that. As for the jazz thing I personally never got that vibe, maybe a little. But I always heard way more blues come out in Iommi’s music with Sabbath, of course I may be a little biased since I have never gave a squirt for jazz, to me jazz is nothing more than a musicians thing. Weird since I play bass that I don’t really have a love for jazz, but to me its way to abstract & basically a little self-indulgent. I can see it being fun to play, but to be a listener of it, well to me it’s just a bunch of musicians wankin themselves off on the fact of how well they can play. As for you hearing it in there that’s cool, we all walk away with our own ideas of where a musician is at as far as influences, technic, and creativity in his career. Just for me I never picked up on it that much… As for Iommi’s doomy thing, I feel its always been there, stronger on some albums than others, but always been there. I have always been a little on the dark side of life, and it shows in my taste in music, film, & art. So I am a big, big fan of doomy lol. I look forward to your thoughts on all this, & to your response, till then take it easy bro.