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Hi my name is Victorya just joined this site. I just wanted to give some much deserved praise to Ozzy. My 12 year old son has stage 3 Lymphoma and just got out of the hospital from being in there for nearly 3 weeks with pneumonia and an infection. We nearly lost him. It was of course a very difficult time for him nothing much to look forward to he thought. But then one of the workers came in and asked if he could have a celebrity sign a baseball cap for him who would he choose. First thing out of his mouth was Ozzy Osbourne! We raised him listening to his music and he absolutely loves him. We didn't really expect anything the nurse said it's a chance they may be able to get it done. Well just the day before we brought him home they came in with a gift bag and gave it to him. He pulled out a baseball hat signed by none other than Ozzy himself!!! The smile on my son's face was one I had not seen in a very long time. I cried seeing that smile. I just want to thank you Ozzy from the bottom of my heart you made my little boy's dream come true that day. To show that you cared and did something for him really meant something special to him. You are a wonderful person. Much love to you.