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Hi Fans, Im an Ozzy fan and a Black Sabbath fan. I love Ozzys radio station. With that being said I want to add that "0ZZY U NEED A NEW WEB MASTER!! " Damn man get your s*** together with this site. It could be awesome!!

The main reason I waded through all these s*** post and spam was to ask Ozzy if the number 63 had any significant meaning to him other than the obvious. I can see that won't get done because I cant even post in the forums. The site will only allow me to reply!!

Dear Ozzy
I love you Ozzy, you are so misunderstood and you have been a great comfort to me in times of struggle. Black Sabbath has been my route into meditation as it is on my vibration level and many magikal things have happened while meditating to your music! The number 63 has also been prominent and I was wondering if it has a meaning to you!?

Sandy Reilly