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Yep I was there near the back of the que! So yep I took some video, and the clowns on security kept saying no filming!
I meta chap who had a mate who saw Ozzy and Tony in a pub eating (very up market pub) as it happens not far from Tony's home!
I bought 6 copies and ended up with 6 signed stickers! So the four that went out and about, down under and to US. I know that the down under parcels were warmly welcomed from the heart! Turns out the US one, I may well have been sucked in and BLOWN OUT by someone very ungreatful!
Hey Ho got the video somewhere, plus a friend cut it and put a sound track on it! NOW that is what TRUE friends are for!
So I hope that everry aleged fan who did/did not geta signed copy signed the causes petetion to get Ozzy Knighted! Failing that, why were you there?