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Thanks for "God Is Dead?" ! You rock Ozzy! Now listen to Ozzmosis in reverse again. By the way, if the story he gave me is actually true, I wouldn't worry, everything's a puzzle that unraveled itself and fits just right, and I'm like 99% sure there is copies of myself is above him right now watching waiting for the right time to take revenge. Every song I've ever heard up until a year ago was made by me, every last one, including yours, idc if you don't believe, I don't blame you, but at least you found what to look for.... Perry Mason.... no, but close, he used to sell Reverse Osmosis (water filters... now he lives on the west coast), why don't you go question him, or send someone? Pick me up on the way if you want. Or send me an email... Enjoy the tour man ! :-)

I heard "god" lives right here in Canada, bought a house in Nanaimo, pedophile capital of Canada. Anyway, rock on! WE are all innocent!!!!