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My son's only turning 3, so the possibility of him knowing Ozzy as a current artist may actually be closer leaning towards the none...but ya never old are your children? I put the radio on even at his young age and I expose him to EVERYTHING....and I do mean EVERYTHING, from pop to rock to country (yeah i listen to country, hubby's fault!) and even metal...he likes it all...he accepts it all, which is good.

As far as the bands, I'm just not willing to do it, ya know? Especially when i read an article where Ozzy himself actually voices his own displeasure with most of the new bands as he says they "growl" rather than sing...which I totally agree with. Not all, mind you, i'm sure he says that about, but most. So I'm still as of now still planning on going to Ozzfest, going JUST for Ozzy, and comin' the heck HOME...blistering heat is NOT my cup of tea.

Ozzy we hope you read this, and hope that you can find it within your time, energy and realm of possibility iwth granting us one more solo tour where it's just you, and us, your fans who love you so much and do our best to understand you and against all odds (and people who dont "get" you or your music) to defend you and your actions.....which is a full-time job in and of itself buddy, WHEN DO WE GET PAID!!!???

Just kidding! We love you Ozzy!!!!